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Amazing Money Sharing System FAQ
  General Signing Up Quesstions
1. What is GoodToLove?
2. How much does a GoodToLove registration cost?
3. Is GoodToLove really free?

Membership Benefits Making Money
4. How do I make money?
5. What is the system of the 50% and 10% exactly, how will this affects me?
6. How do I get started?
7. Where should I go to start and can you tell me how much it will cost and why?
8. How can I chek my money earnings?

9. What is Google Adsense?
10. How much can I expect to make?
11. How can I collect my earnings?
12. Can you give me a couple of tips on how to make more money?

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13. What is the minimum age requirement for Google AdSense?
14. Is it only good for the people that lives in the United States?
15. Is it allowed for me to click on my own ads?
16. Can you tell me what is a fraudulent click?
17. Is it possible for me to click on the ads of my account to make more money?
18. Is it okay for me to encourage people to click on my ads?

19. Who do I contact if I have any questions or need assistance?
General Signing Up Quesstions
   What is GoodToLove?
You and your friends or family can enjoy watching videos, sharing photos & websites links all in one time as a community plus Ads Revenue Sharing.

  How much does a GoodToLove registration cost?
Registration to GoodToLove is always FREE.

  Is GoodToLove really free?
Yup. GoodToLove is FREE In the future, we may offer some extra features, storage and other goodies for you , and we will always offer our service for FREE.

Membership Benefits Making Money
  How do I make money?, in simple words, you earn while you share your favorite videos, photos and webpages with viewers. provides you with easy tools for the distribution of your videos, photos and webpages while sharing also revenue with our members. The system is pretty simple. works with Google AdSense that places advertisement on your webpage relevent to the content and everytime that someone clicks on those advertisement it generates revenue. The ammount can vary depending on the keywords and the content. That money will be deposit in your Adsense account. Sometimes it will only generate a couple of cents but it can also go up to several dollars. The AdSense technology relies only on unique Publisher ID. So when you register for Google AdSense you will have your own ID. So it is as simple as that : when someone clicks on the ad you get money. When you decide to share your videos, photos and webpages with the help of, we are going to attach some advertisement and also our unique tracking technology to it. It is called "Amazing money sharing system". Every time someone clicks on the ad you get paid, at the same time we host your photos, videos or webpages for free and we give you all the tools necessary to share them with the whole world and we share the revenue with you 50/50. Isn't it easy? You can also make money by sharing videos with friends that you invite to take a look at some videos. We have amazing tools to help you share your content with everybody just by login to your membership account. As part of the community, every time that you refer someone to you will have your publisher ID displayed on there pages 10% of the time of the ad revenue for every video that you share. The rest of the money will be splitted 50/50 between yourself and At this point we can only ask you : Can you feel the love?

  What is the system of the 50% and 10% exactly, how will this affects me?
There is a lot of reason why we decided to use the Google Adsense platform. First of all it is the best known and most trusted advertising system on the internet. Second of all, with AdSense you will get your own publisher ID (wich goes best with our model). When you will join you will receive your own section of the website e.g. With this page and all of the pages that you will put under that location your Adsense publisher ID will rotate 50% on all of the Google Adsense Advertising that will be seen on those pages. We will take care of customising all of the ads to be sure that we get the highest click through rates. At the same time, when you are sharing links with your videos, photos and webpages, when people are joining beneath you, you will have your publisher ID displayed 10% of the time in there own sections of the website. That give you two different options to increase your revenue and your advertising exposure. First, just by sharing videos, photos and webpages, and second by showing the opportunity with other people and by getting your own publisher ID exposed on many other pages.

  How do I get started?
The first thing to do is to sign up for your account and also to Google Adsense account (if you don't already have one of those). Then go in the section my profile on to enter your Google Adsense ID. In the section my profile, go on Edit Tab and then Google Adsens ID tab. At this point you can now start to share videos, photos and webpages as much as you want and just sit down and watch the money rolling in! Learn more about Amazing Money Sharing System.

  Where should I go to start and can you tell me how much it will cost and why?
First of all, you need to know that website and all of the application and services are free of charge. It's important that everybody can share their videos, photos and webpages. The reason we are making those revenue is because we are partners with you. Because you share your videos, photos and webpages, we are able to share our advertising revenue with you. The best way to go for you is to start collecting all of those funny videos and photos and bookmark them so that you can later add them to your account. Once you have create your own personal account at you can start to incorporate all of those videos from yaoutube, google video, yahoo videos and then write your subject and choose the category right under your title and copy and paste your embed codes and there you go. You are ready to watch the video, photo or webpage at this second.

  How can I check my money earnings?
You always have access to your money earning. Just go to your Adsense account login page and log in. You will even be able to see wich videos, photos or webpages that is giving you the best result so you can track there progress over time.

  What is Google Adsense?
You have probably already seens those ads on a lot of webpages that you already have visited. You can see them on this website. With the Google AdWords program, a lot of businesses of different sizes pay different amounts for advertising and with Adsense there advertisement is displayed. Everytime that someone clicks on those ads AdWords pays for it.
  How much can I expect to make?
The ammount varies. It can start at a couple of cents and can go to several dollars. Then the person hosting the ad through AdSense gets paid by Google through his Adsense account and the person advertising pays AdWords. You can make as little as a couple of dollars a month to thousands of dollars per month. It really depends on your videos, photos and webpages and how many people watch them, and if they decide to click on the ads. Don't forget that it takes a while to build though.
  How can I collect my earnings?
The money you will make will be in your Google AdSense account and the good thing about this is that it is paid to you directly into your bank account once a month (in most coutries), and you have acces to your income and statistics any time that you want to.
  Can you give me a couple of tips on how to make more money?
There is a lot of way for you to improve your revenue. You will find some of those just below. The first thing you have to remember is that the more your videos are being watch on GOODTOLOVE.COM the more chance you have to earn money. So promotion is your key for succes. Another thing that is important is your title. Be sure to use a good selection of keywords and to write a coherent description, etc. That will also help get relevant ads. Share your url with as many people as you can, friends and familly. Don't forget that you may receive referral points that can give you a lot of extra cash. You can always post your videos link to different social news sites like Digg (under video topic), Netscape (under popular video), Reddit, Shoutwire, Delicious? you can also share your links on myspace, blogs, forums and also on your own website. NSFW (Not Safe For Work, Mature Content) videos usually fair poorly while generating good ads. Don't forget to submit quality videos because content really matters. It's always best to have better quality over quantity. You can also submit to Social Bookmarking Listing. And remember to check out blog, adsense tips, promotion technique and latest hot news to find out more good tricks for your promotion.
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  What is the minimum age requirement for Google Adsense?
The minimum age required by the Adsense Terms and Condition is 18 years old for a publisher. If you are not 18 yet you also have the possibility to have your parents or guardian submit an application under there name. But please note that if that application is accepted all the payments will go to the adult responsible.
  Is it only good for the people that live in the United States?
We are glade to say that accept submission from anywhere in the solar system with the only exception of Pluto since it's not a planet anymore. And with our experience we have found that the submission coming from a non-planet would be of a very low quality.
  Am I allowed to click on my own ads?
The Google Adsense is equipped with an IP tracking to detect any click fraud. If you were to violate the Terms of Services from Google Adsense your account would be terminated. also keeps a right to delete or ban any IP or user.
  Can you tell me what is a fraudulent click?
A fraudulent click is when someone clicks on an ad without the intention to interact with it but just to make money. For example if you were sitting in front of your computer and clicking 50 times in a row on your own video's ads, it would be considered "click fraud". With the member agreement, any account can be suspended at any time if we suspect any fraudulent activity. It's important that our advertiser can trust the system so that they know that every click is really somebody interested by their product or service. That's why we have implemented technologies to verify any suspicious action. For example if suspects that your account is doing a so-called "click fraud", "impression fraud", usage of "bots" or any other fraudulent activities, may suspend or even disable you account until the problem is solved as per satisfaction.
  Is it possible for me to click on the ads of my account to make more money?
It is not possible to do so on We have algorithms that are able to detect any behavior of that kind and in the same time you are risking the the suspension of your account. We can also take legal actions against you.
  Is it okay for me to encourage people to click on my ads?
No. Don't forget that the advertiser on are paying per clicks and they want to be able to assume that the clients that click on those ads are interested in there products or services. If for any reason you encourage people to click even though they are not interested in the product or service it lowers the value of that click for the advertiser. Wich can only means in the end that you will receive less money as a member of because we won't be able to negociate a good cost per click from the advertiser. We are trying by that to protect both the advertiser and our makers and sharers.
  Who do I contact if I have any questions or need assistance?
If you have problems, questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. Your valuable feedback will help us improve our service. You can contact us via email by visiting our Contact Page , we will respond to your email as soon as possible.