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Login & Registration Issues


1. How to register own account?

    In order to earn profits from Google Adsense, we strongly recommend you register Good To Love  member account with personal Google Adsense account.


    If you have Google Adsense Account, you can simply click 'Sign up', complete the information needed, then click 'Sign Up'.

    If you don't have Google Adsense Account, click 'How to apply Google AdSense Account?' to learn all steps about it.


2. Should I pay any fees if I would like to join this community?

    No.  No membership fee is required.

    Good To Love  community website is made for all community members for free.


3. How to Log in?

    Please click 'Login', input your registered username & password.


4. Why I can't log in?

    Please check your network connection is fine and make sure you have input correct username & password.


5. What should I do if I forget my password or username?

    If you've forgot username or password, please click 'Forget Username' or 'Forget Password', and get your account information in your registered e-mail address.


6. How to save my bookmarks?

    When you open video or photo page, you can click 'Bookmark This' & save it as your bookmark.


7. Can I change my password and username?

    Yes, of course.

    Just log in, click 'My Profile', and click 'Edit' under your photo, you can update or change your username and password anytime.

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